7 Reasons Your Wedding Needs A Photo Booth

Hey this is Steve from Say Cheese. If you’re getting married soon then Photo Booths are the ultimate evening entertainment for your special day. Here’s 7 great reasons why you should definitely have a photo booth at your wedding:

1. Photo Booths Are A Really Good Laugh!

Weddings are wonderful occasions, full of sharing happiness and celebrating love. However they can be quite formal with smart dress, the formalities of the ceremony and a multiple course fancy wedding breakfast. Photo booths are a great way of getting people having fun and give them a giggle by dressing up with the props and perfecting those comedy poses.

2. Give Your Guests Something To Take Home From Your Special Day

Everyone loves a momento of a great occasion, especially when it’s a fun photo of them with their family and friends. There’s something quite nice about having a physical memory that your guests can take home, put on the fridge and remember your special day by.

3. Complete Creative Customisation

Photo Booths are great at being customised to suit any theme and style. Have you thought about matching it to your wedding theme by adding a personalised backdrop, themed props or customising the prints for your event? If you’re on the South Coast of England then get in touch with us at Say Cheese Photo Booths and we’d love to talk to you about customising your photo booth.

4. Give Your Guests A Conversation Piece And Help Break The Ice

The fun experience of having a photo booth is a great conversation starter and exactly what you want to help break the ice between your two newly-joined families. After all who wouldn’t get a smile out of seeing Aunty Beryl in a glitter wig and some oversized orange sun glasses?!

5. Perfect Time Filler

When planning their wedding, many couples we speak to worry how the day is going to be planned out, timings and making sure guests won’t get bored. Photo Booths are brilliant for this as they can be dipped in and out of as many times as your guests want. They don’t take up much time and trust me, your guests definitely won’t get bored of going back for more photo booth fun!

6. Keep The Children Entertained

Let’s face it, when you’re young, weddings are really exciting but they can drag a bit. This is where the Photo Booth comes in perfectly. Children are always the first in the booth when it comes to any occasion, they just absolutely love it! Perfect for their mum and dad to get a chance to talk to the other guests too.

7. And They Lived Happily Ever After …

One of the nicest reasons for having a photo booth at your wedding is you can look back after and see all the fun your guests had. I’m sure everyone has told you how quickly your wedding day goes, and they are absolutely right! So why not cuddle up after the honeymoon with your newly-wed partner and cry in laughter at all the great pictures you’ll undoubtedly have from your photo booth.

So if I have convinced you that having a Photo Booth at your wedding is a great idea then please get in touch with us here at Say Cheese Photo Booths, we’d love to hear from you!

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